Free Mold Inspection 

 Free Mold Inspection
Need a Free Mold Inspection Albuquerque NMWhat began 23 years ago as a home carpet cleaning business, has grown into the highly respected “Mold Removal of New Mexico”, a subsidiary of Blue Sky Restoration. To introduce you to our company the latest, most effective mold removal company of its kind in New Mexico. We would also like to extend our free mold inspection offer to homeowners and property managers in Albuquerque and other areas of New Mexico including Farmington NM, Gallup NM, Grants NM, Taos NM, Angel Fire NM, Los Alamos NM, Santa Fe NM, Raton NM, Clayton NM, Tucumcari NM, Las Vegas NM, Albuquerque NM, Belen NM, AND MORE!We offer this service for a couple or reasons.
1.) to introduce you and your family to our unique mold killing service,
2.) to help keep your family healthy and free of any airborne viruses and other mold-related illnesses by providing you with a Free Mold Inspection In Albuquerque NM and many nearby cities.

Because of the extremely hot and dry desert climate here in New Mexico, it might seem unusual for residents of Albuquerque to be concerned about mold The truth is that mold can be found in deserts as well as virtually any other high heat, low humidity section of the country if the conditions are right.That’s why we felt a need to expand our business to include mold elimination.

Today that service continues to grow as we have added thousands of new customers made up of homeowners, property managers, commercial building owners, and others who need to clean their buildings and rid their environment of the dangers brought on by exposure to dangerous mold. Our success can be attributed to an amazing product discovery that uses the power of science to eliminate harmful mold. That product is CLO2 or Chlorine Dioxide made up of one atom of the chlorine element with two atoms of oxygen to create natural substance that will kill germs, viruses, and bacteria and make your home or other parts of your environment safe

For more than 20 years our company has stood behind this simple commitment: “It’s not clean until you say it’s clean.” Let us bring the cleaning and bacteria destroying power of Chlorine Dioxide to you. We can prove our statement. It is beenm proven successful as a cleaning and mold eliminating product that is effective for killing germs in medical facilities, used car dealerships, gyms and physical therapy establishments and health clubs, dental offices and any place where germs and people congregate.


Studies by high profile medical sources like Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and the American Lung Association have linked nearly all the chronic sinus infections that trouble an alarming thirty-seven million Americans who ate affected by mold. Recent studies have also linked mold to the tripling of the asthma rate and other breathing issues over the past 20 years. It is interesting that we humans spend 90 percent of our time indoors, where mold can grow and spread easily if not treated and destroyed. Mold doesn’t go away or become healthier over time. It must be killed or it can spread and become even more dangerous.

What are the symptoms of a home

If you or any of your family members begin developing any of the following indicators, it is probable that your home has developed some form of mold infestation. It probably has situated itself in some dark, damp corner of your basement or near a drain that may have backed up or in your attic where a leak in your roof has began to dampened the insulation of your attic. Leave it to CLO2 and our skilled techs to find and destroy the mold before it gets out of hand.

Somewhere in your home, you probably have some form of mold infestation in your home. Keep an eye out for excessive tearing eyes, coughing, raspy speech, skin irritations, difficulty breathing, it is time to take action. Order a free mold inspection request.

Fill out the information request on our iT IS TIME TO TAKE ACTION. sTART WITH a Free Mold Inspection by our Albuquerque NM specialists.It is the surest way to keep your family safe from mold. If you allow mold to continue its aggressive growth, your home can develop serious mold issues that can include harmful black mold which in its worst case scenario can result in major black mold growth requiring expensive expensive mold remediation that could cost in excess of $40,000, plus the inconvenience and cost of temporary shelter while the remediation is completed.
Throughout our free mold inspection for Albuquerque area customers and the subsequent mold proofing mold service we offer at a very affordable price, we can permanently prevent mold growth for Albuquerque NM area residents and businesses, which means you may never have to pay again for expensive (over $40,000) mold remediation (removal).

Our free inspection program was devised by MOLD REMOVAL of Albuquerque to help identify and eliminate harmful mold with our proven CLO2 Odor removal system. Upon completion of our inspection program, you will be able to distinguish dangerous molds like the the ever dangerous Black Mold varieties that often stake a claim to the dark, damp corners of your home.

Our amazing scientific breakthrough, CLO2, will not only detect mold, it will also identify the species. What you should be concerned with is the dangerous black mold (stachybotrys atra) that can spreads in damp basements and attics and the aspergillus, cladosporium mold, while naturally occurring, is harmful not only to people, but to their homes as well. That’s an important reason why you should take advantage of our free mold inspection offer for residents of Albuquerque and neighboring areas within our designated market area in the state.

Our specialists know mold better than anyone. They can show you how to do it yourself, but most of our customers prefer to leave that task to our experts. You can decide how to handle your mold problem after our Free Mold Inspection for customers living near Albuquerque. Don’t miss out on this worthwhile offer. Keep your family and home safe with an offer you just can’t refuse.

Effects of Toxic Black Mold Symptoms – Why Take a Chance

There are numerous unhealthy effects that can be brought on by exposure to Black Mold. Toxic black mold can cause numerous problems with recognizable symptoms and potentially serious health problems including mental impairment, breathing problems, damage to internal organs and even death. The main group of symptoms that toxic black mold can bring on are:

Mental and neurological symptoms
Respiratory symptoms
Circulatory symptoms
Vision and eye problems are fairly common
Skin problems such as rashes,
Immune system problems
Reproductive system problems are occasionally reported along with
Tiredness and discomfort
Other illnesses and health effects

AS you can readily see, Black Mold is nothing to trifle with. Let us destroy it permanently. This is the perfect time to ask for your FREE Mold Inspection in Albuquerque NM. We can also give you a free estimate for our unbeatable service.
Mental and Neurological Effects From Exposure to Toxic Black Mold
Loss of brain function from as in the trichothecene mycotoxins produced by toxic black mold are neurotoxic, which are capable of killing neurons in the brain which in turn will impair a person’s mental ability and cause nervous disorders such as tremors and other personality changes such as mood swings and irritability.

Those who are exposed regularly to toxic black mold may develop Confusion, Brain fog and a Shortened attention span.They also demonstrate Difficulty concentrating and paying attention, because of Slowed reflexes, Disorientation, Dizziness, Memory loss and memory problems as well as Impaired learning ability, Hallucination. Shock, Anxiety, Depression, Aggression and other personality changes. People who have reached that state will often feel Tingling, Trembling, Shaking, Seizure and Numbness. Victims should seek medical attention, when the first symptoms appear so that those problems can be dealt with.

Mold can be difficult to detect visually but are often detected detected when homeowners begin experiencing frequent headaches or breathing difficulties. Warning signs include a musky odor that demands a quick response. Call us immediately, particularly if your home is overcome with a musty odor and excessive moisture.

In some situations, as with unpainted drywall, the mold can be cut out and replaced. Painted wood surfaces can be scraped then treated with a strong coat of undercoating before repainting. Other surfaces and specific issues may require a consultation. by our Free Mold Inspection team in Albuquerque NM. If you feel you may have a problem, call us immediately for a Free Mold Inspection Albuquerque NM.

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